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Soda Hostel
ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 27A
60-840 Poznań (centrum)
+48 793 272 720 / rec@sodahostel.com


Holiday prices!

We offer you special discounts for the holidays. Click on-line reservation and check prices – we also give you a…

About Soda at webturystyka.pl

We are very pleased to see that touristic polish web page just put information about Soda hostel: http://webturystyka.pl/pokoje-na-wynajem-w-sodahostel/…

News 4 – Soda’s MURAL

In Soda you’ll find a fantastic MURAL drawn by Poznan famous artist – Noriaki Kasai. His art you’ll see just comming inside.…

News 3

Up-to-date timetable of events in Poznan: http://www.poznan.pl/mim/public/cim/index.html www.flickr.com…