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Soda Hostel
ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 27A
60-840 Poznań (centrum)
+48 793 272 720 / rec@sodahostel.com

Soda’s rooms



1-person room

There are no typical single rooms in Soda, but there is an option to book a 2-, 3 and even 4-person room just for a single use.

You can find there:

- private bathroom with a shower and wc,

- small coffee table with nightlight and a wardrobe,

- a towel.

2-person room

You will find in the rooms:

- very comfortable 2 single beds with the option to rearrange them as a double bed,

- a small table with a nightlight and a wardrobe,

- almost all rooms with a PRIVATE bathroom,

- towels

- we can put also an additional bed and make a 3-bed room.





Soda invites families with children. We have a special family room:

- two bunk beds, but one of them with a double bed for parents,

- private bathroom,

- small table with a nightlight and a wardrobe,

- for a request we give you a baby bed,

- in the kitchen - a chair for a baby,

- in Soda's chill out zone - lots of toys.

4-bed dorms

You can book a whole room as a private one or reserve just a single bed in a shared room.

You can find there:

- bunk beds with very comfortable swedish mattresses,

- lockers,

- nightlight,

- private bathrooms in the most of the dorms.